Common Misconceptions About Home Care

Home is the place where we feel most comfortable, and no place can replace its comfort. Once the people grow older, their attachment with the home doesn’t let them leave it. As getting older requires some extra care and support for performing personal care tasks, preparing meals, etc. Home care service is the one way to get help in the most comfortable place. Home care is gaining popularity; however, some feel hesitant and have common misconceptions about these professional home care services. It is necessary to know the truth and get help from home care services for your loved ones.

Here we have listed some common misconceptions about home care services:

Home care is expensive:

It is generally thought that home care services are much expensive for the average family, but this is not true. It is one of the most affordable options for the needy and less costly than a private nursing facility. Costs of home care services vary among agencies but are normally much affordable. You can also have a home care service for a few hours per week according to your need, which will also cost less. You can have the idea of its affordability compared to hospitalization and private nursing facility from the national cost of care survey 2019 by Genworth.

Trust issues on in-home caregivers:

It’s natural not to trust any stranger in our home. You mostly doubted that he could take advantage of your loved ones, and also, the cases of abuse in the home care service industry are reported by the media. Most agencies, including truly home care services, thoroughly check the backgrounds of their employees and hire a licensed professional caregiver for you. This helped to provide your loved ones with a reliable and trustworthy caregiver, which also creates a healthy relationship.

Home care is only limited to health care:

People are usually confused that home care is only related to health services. However, it is not a true concept as home care is divided into two categories; medical care and non-medical care. Medical care is provided by a nurse or a professional therapist, while non-medical care is provided by a professional caregiver. Caregivers help in daily activities, i.e., cooking, bathing, etc.

Home care is only for very sick individuals:

These services are very beneficial for sick, and hospital returned persons. However, there is no relationship between illness and home care. It can be for older adults who don’t need to be sick. Most people hire caregivers for their household work or personal tasks, which they are not able to do being aged.

Home care is an adult babysitting:

Many seniors thought that they had an observant and refuting attendant around them all the time in the form of a caregiver. This usually seems to be true. But a professional caregiver creates a healthy environment with your loved ones. The caregiver fosters a solid bond which makes a feeling of closeness and fun each time he visits.

Home care necessity with a family caregiver:

Some fortunate elderly persons have their relatives for care. This is great because they already know each other and feel good. Having help from relatives is incredible, but they certainly needed time for themselves. A caregiver provides you support in taking a break and releasing you from stress. Caregivers offer respite care, so you can perform your work and give time to your other family members.

Home care services for parentages is a sign of disregard:

Some people feel that hiring a caregiver for parents is a sign of dishonor and disrespect, as they should care for themselves. Some also say that children must take care of their parents when they need them. Whereas hiring a home care service shows a greater sense of care for your loved one and is the ideal way to protect their dignity.

Lack of independence with home care:

The independence of your elderly loved ones is not lost with home care services. Instead, it generates a sense of freedom. The purpose of home care is not to take over everything. The caregiver helps you in managing your daily tasks safely. The caregiver helps make life easier and supports the seniors to live independently as long as possible.

Home care is for seniors only:

As the home care services are not limited to sick, disabled, or hospital returned persons. Similarly, they are not for senior or elderly persons only. You can also hire home care services for your newborn babies or people recovering from surgery.

Home care can’t provide the care like nursing facilities:

This is not the case. In a nursing facility, an attendant has to look after 5 to 10 individuals at a time. So, you can say that no one has special care as it is impossible for one person to look after ten persons at a time. Whereas, in a home care service, one caregiver looks after only one person, which is far better than a nursing facility and also, we have seen that home care services are less expensive than nursing facilities.

Home care for those who need 24/7 care:

Some elderly individuals require 24/7 care due to some specific conditions. In these cases, most people seek home care services insufficient to meet the requirement of their loved ones. This needs to be clear as many home care services provide 24/7 care according to your need. Many services accommodate their client with the facility of customizing their plan as per their need. Thus, a home care agency can arrange 24/7 care service for your loved one.

Home care must be arranged in advance:

It’s a false perception that you have to arrange in advance for home care service. Nowadays, home care can be hired on short notice. You just need to make a call.

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