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Personal Care Services in Calgary

Personal care services is the help for those people who can not take care of themselves because they are disabled. Personal care provides physical desires of the patient who are incapable of taking themselves off like daily activities such as bathing, eating etc.

It helps in healing from injury or illness. There are many benefits of taking personal care services at home. A personal care attendant focuses on the precise need of the patient.

Medical help is given to people with essential daily activities. It brings comfort to the patient by fulfilling essential daily activities such as dressing, washing, eating, bathing, and more. Personal care assists with personal hygiene. Personal care means the care for the resident who needs some attendant in performing activities of daily life.

Truly Home Care offers high-quality personal health services at less cost. We try our best to fulfill our patient’s needs and requirements. It gives an encouraging effect on the patient’s life and their family’s life also. This service depends on the situation of the patient.

The patient’s doctor determines the care plan and services needed at home, such as laboratory tests, special medical services, and nursing care. The doctor visits the patient’s home to diagnose the disease. The most common service by personal home care is nursing care depending on the patient’s needs with doctor meetings. Some patients need help to perform daily duties after sickness and injury.

A physical therapist helps patients with physical, developmental, social, and emotional disabilities. In personal care, a dietician can come to the home to give dietary suggestions. If a patient needs any medical equipment, or pills, they can be sent to their place.

home care services calgary

Truly Home Care provides appointments to patients at their homes. Patients who face any difficulties while doing daily- activities such as cooking, cleaning, or personal hygiene care can use our personal care services.

We provide staff that assists the patient’s responsibilities. Their duties include:

  • Giving medication on time.
  • Helping with dressing, bathing.
  • Eating
  • Supporting the patient who can’t move.

Personal care helps in maintaining the personal appearance of the patient. As they cannot take care of themselves, our staff ensures that they fulfill their needs. It also includes bed baths, applying lotion and creams of required personal hygiene, hair washing and shaving, nail care, oral care, and toileting.

From an infant to a senior can require personal care at any point in life. Truly Home Care Services provides complete personal care to those who are unable to do basic daily activities.

In many situations, some patients may need 24-hour care. Personal care assistants allow the senior patient to enjoy an incredible quality of life and maintain comfort and independence from a close bond.

Truly Home Care provides personal home care assistance to seniors or anyone who faces difficulty with daily work. We ensure that their needs are completed, and they feel safe and comfortable while being at home.