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More than 46 million people in the world live with dementia, and these numbers are increasing rapidly. Dementia is a condition that describes symptoms affecting loss of thinking, ability, affecting memory and behavior.

Dementia includes memory loss because these patients mostly face daily activities, especially in communicating or remembering. These patients have problems focusing and struggle to complete a task as it damages neurons, and brain cells lose how to communicate with other cells.

They mostly get confused about time and date. Memory loss also affects their daily routine activities, impairs judgment, and misplacing things. In the middle stage of dementia, aggression is most likely to start because of mixed-up memories, confusion in thought, or a change in environment.

Memory loss can be disturbing and affect patients’ daily life or worry patients. Then the patient starts to seek help from someone else. Although it does not only affect memory, it can also affect the way you speak, think, and feel.

Some people think that this condition is a natural part of ageing; however, it is not.  Dementia patients lose interest in their usual activities, socializing, and relationships. It affects the patient’s mental abilities that may lead the patient to forget about things and remember them. They ask for help from friends and relatives. However, they might not take care of them for the long term as they could be busy in their lives. In this situation, Truly Home Care provides its dementia care services at home.

During the last stages of dementia, the patient becomes completely helpless in taking care of themselves. Private care for dementia patients becomes quite necessary, and professional help is required. We encourage patients to participate in activities, manage behaviour, and stay calm.

Care plans can maintain the quality of life. Truly home care services provide a wide range of services. Not only Truly Home Care provides dementia care to our patients, but we also offer home care for Alzheimer patients.

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder, it causes the brain to shrink and brain cells to die. It slowly destroys memory and thinking skills.

In this condition, symptoms develop gradually over many years. It affects multiple brain functions. In the beginning, it creates minor memory problems; for example, the patient could be forgetting about a recent event or conversation, forgetting names of objects and places. After some time, conditions become more severe, and other symptoms develop like problems with speech, confusion, difficulty in making or planning decisions.

The patient’s personality quite changes in this condition. The patient becomes aggressive and cranky. Alzheimer’s disease is most common at the age of 65. However, many patients think that the memory problem is due to getting older, but Alzheimer is not a normal part of the aging process.

It is best if Alzheimer is diagnosed as soon as possible. However, a single test cannot be used to diagnose Alzheimer disease. The patient may be referred to the specialist to organize testing, brain scan if needed, and create a care plan. It is a myth that memory problems mean that the patient has Alzheimer disease.

We are providing Home care Alzheimer service that helps your loved one live a comfortable life at home. In the hospital and other places, new environments and routines become confusing. That’s why Truly Home Care offers their dementia and Alzheimer care services for them.

By using our services, you and your family’s life will be less stressful.