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When any surgery is conducted, there is generally a period of healing that involves plenty of relaxation and a regimen that will allow you to resume your everyday activities as quickly as possible. However, recovering after surgery may be distressing and challenging for both the patient and their family members; it can be psychologically and physically draining for both the patient and their dear ones.

Recovery following an invasive procedure may necessitate thorough expert care to make sure a seamless healing process. On the other hand, Truly Home Care Services post-surgery caregivers understand that recovering in familiar settings, surrounded by loved ones, is an excellent approach to positively cope with the obstacles of post-operative treatment and re-establish normalcy as soon as possible.

Truly Home Care Services provides after-surgery care services by using the professional abilities and expertise of our Registered Nurses and post-surgery caregivers. To achieve the most excellent recovery outcomes, our staff can tailor your treatment to meet your specific requirements throughout your rehabilitation.

Our after surgery care services include:

Before beginning care, a thorough assessment is performed.

  • Then, personal care is customized to each person.
  • We can provide short, frequent visits, overnight care, or live-in caregiver assistance.
  • Professional support specialists are taught to help them grasp the complexity of post-operative care for a wide range of operations and ailments.
  • Professional support staff with care field experience
  • Pain management
  • Instructions on Rehabilitation
  • Guidelines for a complete recovery
  • Assist with mobility and exercise following your physician’s recommendations.
  • Customized and adaptable support plan.
  • Cooking nutritious meals and warm drinks during the day. Ensuring that you take all necessary medications and restocking if necessary.
  • Keeping your home clean and tidy.
  • Providing consultation with physicians, relatives, and acquaintances.
  • Wounds redressing and cleanup
  • Professional assistance and experience that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Introducing social events and improving habits after the recovery process.

Truly Home Care Services understands how difficult it may be to care for a dear one following surgery. That is why we prepare our entire team to reduce the disturbance that surgery can cause by offering the support required immediately following the operation, such as re-dressing injuries, limiting infection, staying in frequent proximity with seasoned medical practitioners, and ensuring no problems arise.

Our staff is professionally trained to give after-surgery care services, as we offer support spanning from housekeeping to individual care. From food preparation and home tasks to more private problems like washing, dressing, wound management, and catheters and colostomy bag management, we’ve got you covered. Truly Home Care Services is always here to handle all of the mundane elements of care, enabling patients to enjoy valuable time with loved ones while they recover.

Our support staff is also available to provide psychological and companionship assistance. We know that although assisting our patients with the medical elements of post-operative treatment or assisting with practical chores like cooking and cleaning is vital, establishing a warm, genuine connection between post-surgery caregiver and patient by conversing about common interests.

That’s why we make sure that you are paired with a post-surgery caregiver who has the necessary skills and experience and has a complementing temperament to put your entire family at rest.