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There is palliative care available to people with serious illnesses like cancer and heart failure. It means that the patients need extraordinary care to improve their critical sickness and quality of life. Palliative care provides mitigation from pain and other symptoms of the patient in serious condition. Truly Home Care services is providing Palliative care services in Calgary that enhances the value of life for the patient and their families.

All of our staff providing palliative care are trained, and all of them work under the supervision of doctors. We help patients with stroke, dementia, kidney failure, bone marrow, and blood disorders through professionally trained staff. We offer these services to make you and your loved one’s life better. The focus of palliative care is relieving pain and other troubling symptoms.

Truly Home Care provides counseling, spiritual comfort and relieves symptoms. From palliative care, senior people can improve their life quality and help the patient understand the treatment.

Palliative care is one of the good options if you have a severe condition. It provides treatment or hope for a cure. Does palliative care mean that you’re dying? Not necessarily because palliative care serves many patients with a terminal illness. If your family also needs help, we can provide them with emotional support.

Palliative care can start at any level of your illness even as soon as possible don’t wait for your sickness to reach an advanced stage. In some cases, patients receive palliative care in hospitals, but our services are given at home. In common cases, palliative care is provided at the end of life, but it can be for the patient of any age.

Offering palliative care services in Calgary, we provide such comfort zones to our seniors that they try to improve their health as much as they can. We provide personalized assisted living care plans. This service provides experienced staff with medication, bathing, dressing, and coordinating. It rapidly improves patients’ health and relieves their families who face challenges and treat disease, whether physical, spiritual, or psychological.

40 million people require palliative care every year, and 14% of people receive it. The majority of adults need palliative care services. Palliative care is provided in hospitals, clinics, but what can be a better place besides home?

After the diagnosis, palliative care can begin. It helps your loved one to understand that death is a natural part of life. Not to promote dying or attempt to prevent it, but take the journey with you. We support your loved ones so that they can live the best life.

Palliative Care Services In Calagary

These are the four stages of palliative care.

Stage one: In this stage, an early plan is organized; it should be flexible to provide the right care as your disorder involves.

  • Stage two: Physicians and nurses work together to sustain as much freedom as possible. Create such a care plan with daily activities at your home that you begin to fight with them.
  • Stage three: In this stage, consultants arrange the help at the house, and they still get all the medical facilities and professional care without coming to the hospital.
  • Stage four: This involves support to your friends and family.

Truly Home Care believes in the goal of providing the best palliative care at your home.