Keeping Loved Ones Active at Home


Aging causes a lack of muscle power, physical activity, and energy. The seniors might become dependent on others for their daily activities. However, you can keep your aged loved ones active by humoring them in different activities. Being fit and active in old age is the key to mental and physical health. Sometimes it is not easy for seniors to go out of home for exercise or other fun activities to keep themselves active, or there might be any other condition that they can’t go out. They feel safe and comfortable staying at home. Many ideas cater to various activities for keeping your loved ones active at home.

Here we shall help you find the best activities that suit the interest of your loved ones.


Walking is one of the best and easiest ways of exercise. Daily walking is the best way to keep your loved ones active throughout the day. Doctors mostly recommend walking for at least 60 minutes a day, which is easy to achieve. The seniors don’t need to walk continuously for 1 hour; instead, this activity is performed inside the home while doing other tasks. The seniors can also walk inside the house for an hour as it keeps them active.

Participation in Household chores:

You can keep your loved ones active by keeping them busy with some household chores. It doesn’t mean to do difficult tasks like cooking and cleaning. Watering plants, gardening, dusting, and doing some laundry stuff are small and simple chores that can be done easily and keep them active at home. You should always encourage your loved ones to participate in household chores as it keeps them physically active and raise their sense of independence. Difficult household chores can be performed by the seniors with the help of their caregivers.

Staying social:

Staying social is another way of keeping your loved ones active at home. Seniors can join a club or a community from different areas or backgrounds to stay social even at home. There are also other groups for elderly individuals that keep them busy and engaged in healthy activities. Socializing helps ward off feelings of depression and loneliness. They can also arrange a get-together of the community from time to time.


If you have a pool at home, then swimming is also a pleasant and mild way of keeping your loved ones active. Seniors can take swimming exercise for a few minutes as it is highly fruitful for their health. Swimming has a positive impact on depression and blood pressure. It also involves the working of whole-body muscles, making them flexible, strong, and active.


One of the most fun-making and pleasurable activities is dancing. Most elderly individuals want to do activities that are fun making and enjoyable. You can perform dancing with your loved ones in your leisure time, or you can arrange online dance classes for them as there are a lot of dance classes available online nowadays. Enrollment in online dance classes will also help them in socializing with others. Dancing keeps everyone healthy, fit, active, and happy.

Stair exercise:

Stair exercise is only for those seniors who are strong enough to walk up and down the stairs. Ascending and descending on stairs make your loved ones more healthy, fit, and strong, so you have to encourage them to do stair exercise. You may also consider it as cardiovascular activity.

Seated exercises:

Doing hard and strenuous exercises or lifting heavy objects are not the kinds of exercises we can expect from our seniors. Older individuals can perform exercises on their chairs like lifting objects, moving arms and legs up and down. The chair should be comfortable and without arms. The seated exercises also keep your loved ones active and slowly increase their strength. Yoga is also an exercise that can be performed by seniors. Yoga helps in releasing stress, anxiety and generates good sensations.

Pet therapy:

Pets help your loved ones to stay active, especially when seniors have affiliations with pets. Mostly, animals and elderly individuals have strong bonding and spend quality time with each other. Dogs and cats help seniors to stay active and brighten their days. Several kinds of research revealed that pet therapy enhances the physical and mental health of your loved ones.

Memory games: 

You can enhance the intellectual ability of your loved ones by playing different memory games at home. You can use different household items that can be easily picked up by hand, like a pen, book, cup, box, brush, notebook, etc. Set them in front of your loved ones, show them for a few seconds, and then cover them with some cloth. Now see how much they remember the things. There are many other different memory games that you can search from the internet and use for enhancing the mental capabilities of your loved ones.

Healthy foods:

Food has a direct impact on the physical abilities of your loved ones. Always encourage your seniors to eat a healthy fresh diet and avoid junk food or cold drinks. Instead of consuming sugar, they can take fruits or fresh juices with natural sugars. Seniors should also eat energy-boosting foods like dry fruits, dark chocolates, etc. Eating healthy foods helps in keeping your loved ones active and fit.

Words of Encouragement:

You should always have a positive attitude with your seniors and encourage them in their daily activities. A positive attitude and encouragement motivate your loved ones towards their daily activities and keep them active. An encouraging environment creates a sense of comfort and enhances the chances of staying physically and mentally active.

We have provided you with some easy fun making, enjoyable and practical ideas for keeping your loved ones active at home.

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