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Truly Home Care Services offers disability care services to people who have been dealing with a disability, and they need special care at the comfort of their homes. Disability is a condition when people or seniors are unable to complete their daily life activities properly. Their disability might be temporary or permanent, but we can provide both short-term and long-term care.

Due to their disability, people cannot participate or interact with others. It could be a physical or a mental condition that would interfere with daily activities. They get disconnected from the world and can’t interact effectively. Each passing day, their life routine gets affected, and they start needing help from someone.

There are certain disabilities such as movement, vision, hearing, remembering, communication, and learning problems. These disabilities can affect some basic activities such as dressing, eating, or maintaining personal hygiene. However, these disabilities can be of a certain level, like some people might need complete help and some would need partial help.

Patients dealing with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, or any disability can avail of our services. Also, our physician will guide you the best. Disability affects many people and keeping that in mind, Truly Home Care offers its health care services for disabled people in Calgary and its surroundings.

We know how these people face certain health challenges and hardships every single day as we feel the struggles of a disabled patient. We aim to offer such disability home care services so that you can always feel independent and comfortable along our side.

We try to make them happy, content, and comfortable in their life. When you choose us, our top priority is to take special care of you. You will get help from our experienced staff who will be friendly, caring, and assist you with disability care at your home.

We can help in many tasks, such as making sure that the patient takes medicine on time. If the patient needs to go out for necessary work, then our staff can travel with them. Our staff will ensure that the person completes their task comfortably and without any hardship. We can even help you make appointments with your doctor. Moreover, you can also let us know your needs so that we can assist you accordingly.

Through Truly Home Care assistance, you can easily do your daily chores like cooking, shopping, traveling, buying groceries, and anything else. You will be calm throughout your day as you will have a helping hand with you.

If your family members are busy with something else for a day, and they also need to look after their disabled elder, Truly Home Care offers disability home care services even for a day. In this way, the patient will have support right next to them. We ensure that the patient will lead a comfortable and satisfying life throughout our assistance.

Now avail our services of disability care at your home, which is convenient and effective as Truly Home Care aids to help overcome your challenges and make you feel independent.